Exhibition Booth Turkey

In our country, fairs have an important place to increase the growth and interaction of our trade volume. Fairs (agriculture fair, health fair, industry fair etc.) that bring together various sectors organized in our big cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Konya and Izmir. collects under the same roof.

In fairs led by fair organizations such as Tüyap and Cnr, we serve you with our stand models that will help you promote at the fair in accordance with every budget on behalf of your company.

Wooden fair stands, modular fair stands and maxima fair stand models are designed based on 3D modeling according to your choice and are presented for your approval.

As in every sector, designs can be made on the exhibition stand in accordance with the budgets.

Wooden fair stands are the most cost-effective stands in the industry, but it will be a good choice for you to be noticed in the fair or congress area and leave an elegant mark.

There are 2 different models produced from raw chipboard paint and ready chipboard.It is delivered to you by applying paint and plaster on the stand.

Maxima exhibition stands are the stand model obtained by combining ready-made panels. It consists of transverse parts according to the modular stand. The manufacturing stage offers a challenging but visually elegant appearance. Maxima stands are located in the sector as middle segment stands.
 As mentioned above, the fair stands consist of three different stand models, modular fair stands, maxima fair stands and wooden fair stands, although the features of each stan model are different, the determining factor will be the requests of our customers as always. After determining the stand model, we convey the visuals of your stand that will be installed with our 3D design support. The stand model to be applied in the final is applied in a healthy way by applying the changes you want to make on the ready visual.

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